Spuds has spots, that’s me! I’m a mini-donkey like Tator, my buddy, and I was born 2004. You’ll never see me without Tator… us little guys have to stick together! If you hang out with me for a few minutes, I’ll turn around and slowly back up toward you… that’s my request for a nice rump-scratching! Some may say I’m like Eeyore, and I see their point- but Eeyore didn’t have a friend like Tator to play with, so I promise I’m smiling on the inside! Someone adopting me would make me smile, for sure!

Hey, I’m Tator! I am NOT a walking potato… I’m a mini-donkey like Spuds (but no spots) and I was born in 2004, too! If you’d like some mischief, I’m your guy. I love to tease my best buddy Spuds, but don’t you take me away from him- I won’t go! I’m a real sweet-potato… if you crouch down to my level, I may just walk forward and give you one of my special donkey hugs. Especially if you adopt me!

Adopted by Sandy Tobik & Nancy and Drew Workman through September 2022

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