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EATherapy COVID-19 Update

March 26, 2020
Dear Equine-Assisted Therapy Participants and Volunteers-
We are all experiencing uncertainty during these days at home while following the Stay At Home order set forth by St Louis County.
As the mom of a child with special needs, I understand many of the challenges we are all facing with being at home, home schooling, virtual learning and working from home, if we are that fortunate right now.  I understand how the changes in routine and structure are affecting not only our children with special challenges but our families as a whole.  We are all in uncharted water at this time. If you visit our Facebook page, you will see we are inviting participants to write letters to their horse, instructor and side walkers if they would like to.
Equine- Assisted Therapy is following all the guidelines and orders set forth by St. Louis County and the CDC.  If you have driven by, our gates are closed and the only individuals coming in are those taking care of/ feeding our horses.  We are considered a non-essential business so we are not allowed to be open, other than to care for the animals.  This is our new routine through the end of the stay at home order [April 22nd]. At that time, based on what is determined by St. Louis County and the CDC, we will adjust our schedule accordingly and send out a new plan. We can not wait for the time to be said that we can get riders back on horses!
We appreciate the well wishes for our organization and our horses that you have sent and we appreciate your understanding and patience during these unpredictable times.  We know now is when everyone could use some horse time and we wish we could allow that.  But we must follow the orders and guidelines just like everyone else.
We look forward to having you all back at the barn as soon as we are able to!!!!!
Be well,
Lulu Bogolin

Executive Director

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