Equine-Assisted Therapy provides opportunity to participate in several program formats:

Equine-Assisted Activities is the program that most of our participants fit into. The recreational nature of this program allows a source of hope for people with disabilities. They can leave the standard clinical setting and enjoy an independence they never thought would be available to them. We’ve seen our participants develop physiologically, emotionally, and relationally because of their participation in this program. In our Equine-Assisted Activities classes, participants are not simply riders. Based on ability level, participants learn basic horsemanship (on and off the horse), basic horse care, and equipment and tacking. Learn more about the Equine-Assisted Activities Program.

The Equine-Assisted Learning Program is an experiential education program that harnesses the power of relationship with the horse as a path to self-discovery and growth. This is not a typical horseback riding class. Riding is offered as part of some Equine-Assisted Learning classes, but it is not the main focus. Participants interact with horses using natural horsemanship ground skill methods to help them deal with life’s issues. Whether children or adults, we all experience complex issues that can leave us feeling unable to fully participate in and enjoy life. This program can help by giving a new awareness of self and developing personal growth through relationship. Learn more about the Equine-Assitsted Learning Program.

Silver Saddles is a program for able bodied riders that are 55+ years old. Classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of horses and their behavior, building riding basics (including mounting, dismounting, proper position in the saddle, reining, walking and trotting), and equipment and tacking. The Silver Saddles program intentionally tracks at a slower pace than you’d find in a traditional riding school because we focus on both personal development and technical riding skills. Classes also incorporate basic ground training to create and build the bond between rider and horse. Learn more about the Silver Saddles Program.

The Boots in the Barn Program facilitates a relationship and a bond between the veteran/ 1st responder and his or her horse. Through our program, veterans and 1st responders are trained in horsemanship with the intent of better preparing their horse for its role in providing therapy to others in the community, while at the same time, providing a very unique and rewarding experience for themselves. Horses are incredibly sensitive and perceptive beings, thus in learning how to approach and effectively guide and communicate with their horse, the individual also learns how to better understand and guide one’s self. Learn more about the Boots in the Barn Program.