Enhancing quality of life through horsemanship

Equine-Assisted Learning


Equine-Assisted Learning
Enrichment Through Horses

Our Equine-Assisted Learning program is an equine experiential education program that harnesses the power of the horse as a path to self-discovery and growth.

Equine-Assisted Learning is not your typical horseback riding class. Riding is offered as part of some classes, but it is not the main focus. Each class will be lead by a certified riding instructor. Equine-Assisted Learning participants will interact with horses using natural horsemanship ground skill methods to help them deal with life’s issues.

Whether children or adults, we all experience complex issues that can leave us feeling unable to fully participate in and enjoy life. Equine-Assisted Learning can help out using a fun and empowering path of self discovery and growth.

Contact Us to discuss, with our EAL Coordinator, specifics on a day for your group!